Common rail nozzle

★Reliability tests meet the standard GB/5772-2010, GB17691-2005, JB/T51184-2000

★ Efficiency tests meet the standard EPS200 , EPS708 , EPS815

★Products meet the requirements of Bosch, Denso Common Rail systems

★Can provide very high fuel injection pressure and exact control of fuel quantity  and injection timing, reduction of its emission

★Pressure(bar) ≥1400, proudcts meet Euro III , Euro IV emission standard

★High manufacuring accuracy , long service life

★Core technology and quality ,design and manufacture of the  global advanced technology standards , adhering to the European manufacturing technology tradition of high precision and high quality

★By reducing the harmful volumn of nozzle, so as to reduce the residual fuel oil nozzle head and carbon deposition , greatly improved the fuel comsumption and emissions of diesel engine performance

★Advanced coating technology : common rail nozzle needle valve coating suppliers to maintain close cooperation with the world’s top coatings, to ensure the high quality and durability of the nozzle , longer service lift