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What is the role of electronic control fuel injection system

What is the role of electronic control fuel injection system

  • Wednesday, 25 March 2020
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The function of electronic control fuel injection system is to precisely control the fuel injection quantity, injection time and injection pressure, so that the fuel injected into the air cylinder can achieve the best effect, and achieve the best effect of power and economic emission.

Advantages of electronic fuel injection system:

1. Engine power, economy and exhaust emission performance are improved.

2. Air fuel ratio feedback control reduces emissions. Its emissions are only 50% of the European emission regulations, fully in line with the European I standard.

3. The fuel is injected directly into the air inlet, and the mixture of each cylinder is evenly distributed.

4. The ignition advance angle can realize precise control, make the mixture combustion more sufficient, and meet the requirements of various loads of the engine.

5. It has fault self diagnosis function and good user interface, which is convenient for user inspection and maintenance. Among them, the application of electronic fuel injection system makes it possible to control the engine accurately and flexibly, which makes the dream of direct injection gasoline engine come true, and achieves lean combustion, greatly improves the combustion efficiency, improves the fuel economy of the engine, improves the emission performance, and greatly improves the cold start performance, acceleration performance and the smooth performance of transition conditions. The combination of gasoline injection, ignition control and idle speed control has developed into a widely used engine centralized control system.

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