How to Get Rid of a Stuck Suction Control Valve

  • Thursday, 16 July 2020
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How to Get Rid of a Stuck Suction Control Valve

Is your vacuum cleaner running hard because of a stuck suction control valve? Usually, when a valve is stuck, it doesn't function properly.suction control valve stuck When this happens, you'll feel the vacuum brush digging into the carpet. If you notice a similar problem, read on to learn how to get rid of a stuck suction control valve.

What causes a suction control valve to become stuck? Many problems can result from a trapped or broken suction valve.suction control valve stuck suction control valve stuck That's why it's so important to repair the valve immediately, even if you think the problem isn't serious. Why is a suction control valve a big problem? A suction control valve is a hose that separates the vacuum from the power source.

It's connected to the power source through a flexible rubber hose that's attached to the vacuum itself. When a vacuum hose becomes disconnected from the power source, it causes a loss of power. The power-loss can often cause the vacuum to work harder, especially if the valve is connected to an outlet that's of poor or inadequate electrical design. The power-loss can also damage the appliance if the vacuum brush has to dig into the carpet, which is why this type of control valve is a common cause of a clogged carpet. And cleaning a clogged carpet can be a real chore, so if your appliance suddenly starts working harder than normal, it's probably a good idea to take action.

If the seal is broken, you have to get it fixed right away. But what if you don't have access to a repairman to fix it? Or what if you just aren't sure how to get at the valve?

In most cases, you'll be able to get at the valve by yourself. All you need is a pair of pliers, a pair of wire cutters, and a measuring tape. Connect the hose from the power source to the valve with the help of these tools. Clean the hose with a mild detergent, and when you're done, try to remove the power-supply connection using the wire cutters.

If the seal isn't broken, it's likely that the suction control valve has become clogged with dirt and other debris. It's really simple to clean the dirt out of the hose: buy a cleaning tool, and make sure you use the correct cleaning instructions for the cleaner you're using. Then, simply run the cleaning tool down the hose and out the nozzle.

If the problem is that the hose has become badly tangled with the hose clamps, there are ways to loosen the knots without needing to put the vacuum cleaner in manual mode. The easiest way to do this is to simply turn the handles on the back of the vacuum cleaner around. Then, slowly unwind the hose, and then attach it to the hoses that aren't tangled.

Most problems involving a clogged carpet and a stuck suction control valve aren't hard to fix. Just follow these instructions to help you fix the problem. If you're not quite sure how to get at the valve, you can always call a technician to come out and repair it for you.

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