Fuel Metering Valve

Fuel Metering Valve

Our company mainly produces: fuel common rail metering valve, SCV valve, IMV valve, DRV valve, pressure relief valve, common rail pressure sensor, 2000 varieties of products, and more than 500 varieties of other series products such as idle speed motors, idle speed valves, EGA valves,etc.

Product Advantage:

1.Approve 240 H  Salt spray test, not oxidized;Accurate current, 1420-1450 mA trigger point;Same models test curve be controlled in  accurate range .

2.Each valve parts product in our own factory to stricktly quality control .;Use best quality parts , including Enameled wire with brand Elek Trisola, fluororubber

3.Vave body be stetch in one process  ,with precise  concentrically;Valve pin with coating to put  , with same process with original ;High R&D ability , accept to  develop with customer samples for free.

4.Except each parts be test before assembly , Each assembly  valve be test by two time before left company;More than 16 months guarantee