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Our team gathered all common questions and inquiries we received from our customers and placed them on our FAQ page with their corresponding answers. When you need to know more about our Products solutions or services, our team is ready to help you.


I am buying from Bosch , Continental , And a few Chinese manufacturers , Where and how are you better than the othes ?

We are of course cheaper than OE and we offer OE quality. We also offer EU warranty terms and service via our EU office.

What do you get if you do business with us?

You will gain a reliable partnet that will 100% handle for you warranty cases, new product development, technical consultations and high quality products.


What is your packing ?

We offer neutral packing as a base and also we offer an individual packing for our Clients.

Is your quaity stable ? Any QC certs ?

We efficiently control every single aspect of the quality throughout the entire production process.


Do you offer any products that other manufacturers ( Your direct comepetitors ) do not offer ?

Of course yes! As an example we can point out programmable Nox sensors.

Do you have MOQ ? And what is the delivery time ?

We do not set MOQ in most cases. Regular orders we prepare within 15 – 21 days.

I want to make my own brand , how do you help me ?

We can produce for you any parts of our range and also develop a new unique parts and deliver you with your logo on them.

How long if i provde new sample for you to develop ?

Here every case is analyzed individualy. It usually takes not longer than 2 months.


What do you get if you do business with us?

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How will you solve the issues if customer claim with the quality ?

We always try to assist our Clients, so we offer a replacement part and in the meanwhile we analyze the defected one.

Can i rely on you in terms of regular delivery?

Absolutely yes. We always deliver in time.

How to contact BG team ? what support can you get ?

You can contact us by Email, Whatsapp, and Telephone, BG China and EU team are standing by to service you any time.

Once we hear from you, BG will create a specific service team for you, covering different department members including Sales, QC, and customer service. Your demands and comments will be replied to quickly and solved priority,

Pls tell me about your warrenty , terms and conditions?

We offer EU warranty terms. Due to our confidence in the quality of our products, our warranty usually lasts longer


What is your payment term ?

With first order we usually expect 100% paymend as deposit. Then we offer more flexable terms.

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International remittance, Alibaba Credit Insurance, PayPal and other flexible payment methods.


Delivery Method?

According to your needs, we provide multiple delivery methods such as sea freight, air freight, international small parcel and overseas warehouse delivery.

Usual delivery time?

The goods will be shipped 1 to 2 weeks after the order is placed. If in stock, it will be shipped the next day.

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