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Why We Are So Informed About Quality

High-precision fully automated equipment is the first guarantee of quality

Only advanced production equipment is not enough, we also have a large number of precision quality and reliability testing equipment
All products are inspected and tested in accordance with system requirements

Management Systems and Automation

Taking quality as life, the company has passed a series of certifications, such as IATF16949 ISO14001 ISO45001 VDA6.3

A large number of automated robotic arms are used to connect to the MES system, and the quality of the whole process can be traced

Committed to Your Success

Quality and capability

Committed to Your Success

We are Client and R&D driven. 15 years end to end management experience.

Best Growth family is strongly consolidated by unique competences of our team members to serve you as preferred partner in your way to success.

What makes us unique is our approach to development, our client oriented policy, flexibility, innovativeness and proactivity in finding solutions of the future.

Emission Exhaust Systems, Diesel injection systems and also future solutions for vehicles – this is what we do.

100 million revenue, 3 R&D canters, over 30 big customers around the world, over 450 000 different units a month, over 4 000 different products in our offer.

Quality is our best power. Quality saves environment.

Laboratory testing

All our products prior leaving warehouse are strictly tested with most advanced equipment to make sure all standards have been met. Our main aim is to provide the highest quality products and service.

They Trusted Us

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.

Quality Assurance in Every Step

All of our seal products go through careful inspection

and testing during the production process to guarantee they arrive at your address in excellent condition.

  •     Incoming Inspection    
  •     Laboratory Testing    
  •     Packaging & Delivery     
    Incoming Inspection    

Incoming Quality Inspection

We implement a screening process when looking for raw material suppliers based on material conditions and consistency on the delivery date. Our team also checks every component delivered from our partnered suppliers to ensure they are free of any defect before we utilize them on our seal production process.

    Laboratory Testing    

Laboratory Testing

Our cutting edge laboratory allows us to monitor, test, and control the outcome of our seals during the manufacturing process. Testing methods let us determine the tensile strength, stretch factory, density, melt flow rate, and other aspects of our sealing solutions. Through our findings, we can correct any issues on our manufacturing process or find room for improvement.

    Packaging & Delivery     

Packaging & Delivery

Each finished seal product is given a comprehensive inspection before placing them within our packaging and shipping them out. We can even provide a clear image of your orders before we send them out to give you the ease of mind that your sealing solutions are in good condition as they make their way to your business.

Support factory inspection

Fully verified by experiments

Quality Control from the Design Section

Strictly implement the quality system

International quality traceability system


Our Manufacturing Capability

To guarantee a suitable method in crafting your seals, we review your requirements and provide a comprehensive consultation. Sealeer utilizes an advanced compression molding process to manufacture all of our sealing products. Our team can also use the injection and transfer mold process for specific seals. Below are other capabilities we can achieve when producing our seals

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