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In order to ensure safe operation, a pressure limiting valve is set in the common rail system. The pressure limiting valve can be understood as a safety valve. Its function is to limit the oil pressure in the high pressure rail. When the rail pressure exceeds the preset upper limit, the pressure limiting valve opens, Under what circumstances will the pressure limiting valve of the common rail system open?
The high-pressure common rail system is a new concept of fuel injection system, which can improve the performance of diesel engines in all directions, making it a hot topic in the field of diesel engine research. Its composition mainly includes high-pressure pump, common rail pipe with pressure regulating valve, fuel injector with battery valve, electronic Engine sensors
SOUTH KOREA South Korea Highlight Vehicle News Kia Unveils the EV9: A Bold, Three-Row Electric Flagship SUV Kia Corporation has released full images of the exterior and interior design of the Kia EV9, its first three-row electric flagship SUV, which embodies bold styling and sophisticated elegance. The vehicle signifies a crucial step for Kia as it moves EV Asia Pacific Market Report
The NOx sensor for vehicles is an important exhaust gas measurement tool. It cooperates with the truck after-treatment system to ensure that the vehicle exhaust emissions meet the standards. The engines of the National IV and National V stages generally have only one NOx sensor installed downstream of the catalyst; the National VI and Euro NOx Sensor Fault Codes and Fault Detection Methods
The exhaust system of modern Diesel engines has become an extremely complex device. The necessity to reduce the harmful components from the exhaust gases, forced by law, became the reason for this. During the combustion proces of Diesel fuel, with local oxygen deficiency, soot particles with a size not exceeding 10 µm, known as PM10 or Diesel Particle Filter (DPF)
We all realize how important is to stay flexible these days. The market is very dynamic: new regulations, new expectations, new challenges. To be able to stay on the top it is necessary to be extremely proactive. In practice it means to follow market tendencies and to be able to propose a solution that is REWRITABLE NOx SENSOR
A NOx sensor, also known as a nitrogen oxide sensor, is an essential component in modern diesel engines. It is responsible for measuring the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) present in the exhaust gases, and communicating this information to the engine control unit (ECU) so that the engine can adjust its performance accordingly. NOx is What is NOx Sensor and how does it work ?
The production of vehicles is strictly related to the economy of individual countries and the global economy in general. The global economy in current circumstances is being facing many changes. Regardless of the several dynamically unstable factors that caused those changes, on a larger scale, a coherent picture of global changes is being drawn. In Total vehicle production tendency Part 2. America
Total vehicle production tendency Part 1. Europe
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