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A leading force in exhaust aftertreatment and Diesel Injection system solution Since 2005

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Our BG Europe team, led by the exceptional Mr. Jacek , recently returned from a successful exhibition trip in Poland, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome! 🇵🇱
One of our main value is proactivity which is to be always a step ahead of the current market needs. This Is Best-Growth
Our production sites uses the newest technology. We consequently implement automatization and most efficient processes and quality control.
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Best Growth products come from four factories: NOx sensors, Pressure regulators, Common rail componentsand Diesel Injection.We are R&D strongly oriented with 15 years end management experience. Our aim is to be your Prefered partner in Emission Exhaust Systems, Diesel Injectionsystems and also in future solutions for vehicles.

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With 1B+3P , Best + Professional,Practive ,Priority ,BG have been reliable vendor of OE and branded clients .

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1B+3P , 1B : Best business relation to create best value


BG are Manufactuer vendor with set up vertical , focus on electrics components diesel injector and emission after treatment system . and we focus on market trend.


We know market trend , Advantage R&D ability , T&A management and 8D report for each potential issues.


Fast in delivery time , Flexible in MOQ and Payment term ,Exclusive Service Team

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In order to ensure safe operation, a pressure limiting valve is set in the common rail system. The pressure limiting valve can be understood as a safety valve. Its function is to limit the oil pressure in the high pressure rail. When the rail pressure exceeds the preset upper limit, the pressure limiting valve opens, Under what circumstances will the pressure limiting valve of the common rail system open?
The high-pressure common rail system is a new concept of fuel injection system, which can improve the performance of diesel engines in all directions, making it a hot topic in the field of diesel engine research. Its composition mainly includes high-pressure pump, common rail pipe with pressure regulating valve, fuel injector with battery valve, electronic Engine sensors
SOUTH KOREA South Korea Highlight Vehicle News Kia Unveils the EV9: A Bold, Three-Row Electric Flagship SUV Kia Corporation has released full images of the exterior and interior design of the Kia EV9, its first three-row electric flagship SUV, which embodies bold styling and sophisticated elegance. The vehicle signifies a crucial step for Kia as it moves EV Asia Pacific Market Report

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