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Common rail system

Common rail is the most advanced Diesel injection system, thus it is the best quality life test. All components work under high pressure, require high precision during production to be able provide proper performance at work.

Only a best combination of experience, competences and quality control can generate fit for purpose product. We know how to do it.

After treatment system

Exhaust gas after treatment systems became very complex within last few decades. All this due to reducing emission and protecting environment. Here all components of the complex system work under high temperature in a highly aggressive exhaust gases.

In this challengeable environment quality is being verified quickly and without mercy. This is where our confidence comes from, as our products gives us best references.

New energy system

As an innovative organization, BG always works on the future solutions. Transition from fossil fuels to more renewable energy carrier, we see that the hydrogen future is comming. We are already there for our Clients with ready solutions.

As pioneer in the industry we are cooperating with many OE companies. The results are comming soon.

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