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We all realize how important is to stay flexible these days. The market is very dynamic: new regulations, new expectations, new challenges. To be able to stay on the top it is necessary to be extremely proactive.

In practice it means to follow market tendencies and to be able to propose a solution that is a few steps ahead of the future demands.

Exhaust after-treatment is in particular an area of dynamic development. Here one of the key components is NOx sensor.

A variety of NOx models, compatibility issue due to software update. How often parts distributors realizes that their stock is not flexible enough? On one side users expect parts availability which compels distributors to keep necessary stock level. On the other one software update can make entire stock to be out of date. The only solution is to return the parts and to order new version. Also due to models variety it is necessary to keep a wide range of them in stock. Such an action requires transportation, involves additional and unexpected costs.

In such constant changing circumstances a planning is almost impossible.

How to make your stock flexible?

How to minimize your stock level?

How to minimize environmental impact?

Would it be possible to resolve such contradicting demands?

If we were dreaming about perfect solution, wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to change one NOx model to another just in our stock? Wouldn’t be amazing to decide what model we have at a client’s demand? Wouldn’t be incredible convenient if we could implement the newest software update straight to the sensors that we have in stock?

Dreaming is one thing and reality another. We all know it well.

But in fact dreaming is a background of entire progress. There are always solutions that makes our dreams true.

Best Growth driven by such unrealistic dreams came up with out of the box solution that can make all those contradicting requirements true, making them not only realistic but also available for our Clients.

We simply made our NOx sensors rewritable. With our simple device, our Clients are able to upload a software to our NOx sensors within less than two minutes, creating by this a model that is needed.

The same way any potential software update can be implemented to the NOx kept in stock at any moment.

So our solution:

– minimizes necessary stock level

– minimizes transportation costs

– makes you feel safer as the sensors you keep in the stock will always be up to date

– also minimizes environmental impact as it reduces returns, transportation and recycling.

Dreaming in business is not a bad thing. It is a gate to the future.

Jacek Gembara

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