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We aim for a long term cooperation that builds mutual trust and reliable relations.
We concentrate our entire effort to become the strongest support for our Clients.
Due to this we adapt our products to Client’s demands, we offer testing tools to improve quality control, we offer technical service, trainings and assistance, we develop new products for our Clients, we offer exclusivity for some product lines.
These are our values as follows:
• We assist our Clients to be successful. Our flexible and Client oriented policy allows us to adjust ourselves to Client’s habits, demands and expectations. We also recognize ourselves as always reliable support for our Clients.
• Focus on value creation. Based on our Client’s expectation we create new values that set new and fully accordingly adjusted standards. Also based on Client’s policy we try to exceed and foresee future values. Such a proactivity and flexibility allows us to build strong relations based on working with given Client’s practice.
• Open and honest. And open and honest dialog comes fully natural as we see ourselves as one team with our Clients.
• Strivers are highly priced. Hard and consequent / systematic work is the only way that leads to success. We encourage our workers to challenge existing solutions, to challenge existing designs and most of all, our existing results. Our work is our passion

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